Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Littlest Trainer

In my quest to lose a few pounds, I've actually started working out. Right now the weather is a bit to cold to exercise outside a lot (well you could but I'm a whimp and I don't like it cold). And Bunny really doesn't dig the gym daycare, in fact she hates it. So I've been doing exercise videos.

I (along with a millionty other bloggers) have started the 30 Day Shred with Jillian from the Biggest Loser. I love that show. It always made me feel better about myself, even if I was drinking a glass of wine or eating a brownie while watching it. I figure if I were ever on the show, I would want Jillian as my trainer. She's crazy when it comes to work outs. Bob, on the other hand, is nice and everyone loves him. But I would rather have a trainer I hate who is willing to kick or beat my ass in the gym until it falls off or shrinks in size. So Jillian it is.

I used to "do" workout videos before but I would always try to squeeze them in at nap time. But with the potential for no nap or the need to clean or sleep during nap time, I never really got anything done. So this time around I decided to do them in the morning with Bunny around.

I try to occupy her with paints, crayons or toys. Most of the time it works but sometimes she likes to sit and watch me exercise. But today, she decided to join in. When it was time to lift weights, she grabbed one of her cardboard blocks and mirrored my movements. During cardio she hopped around flailing her arms in what I am sure was a spot on impersonation of me. She even joined me in doing squat thrusts (which by the way are a form of torture that I thought I'd left behind in gym class, holy crow they suck). During ab work she literally tried to push me off the mat because it was her turn. "I want the green mat momma, its comfy."

She of course thought the whole exercise things was utterly hilarious. Me? I was panting and wheezing (today was my second day on level two which is much harder). If I wanted to take a break she would say "Don't rest momma, its not so bad." Maybe not for you and your cute three year old tushie but for me and my 39 year old butt its hard as heck.

But its a good thing. I've got Jillian yelling from the TV and Bunny pushing me from the sidelines, with trainers like that you can't go wrong.


Christy said...

I love it! I had no idea what a phenom this video is. I bought after reading about Kari from heart at preschool bought it. I just wrote a post about it too - it's on my site called something about a Labrador kissing you isn't exercise? Because I do it when my daughter (7mnths) is in her bounceroo and my lab prances all around me. I am impressed - I'm still on level one and it's kicking my butt. It's hard! I used to do videos long ago...Good luck with your working out too! (hi from a fellow underdog!)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for working out with Bunny. It's good for her to see you taking care of yourself and exercising. It'll inspire her to do the same.

The Mother said...

What's kept me in the gym? Staying ahead of my boys.

Not that I can't afford to lose a few pounds. Yes, I could. Maybe more than a few.

But I can still out lift my teenage boys. Someone has to be able to keep the peace around here.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

It's been so long since I've engaged in "real" exercise... I'm impressed. And I can totally picture Bunny standing over you with a megaphone screaming motivating insults. Definitely get that on film.

anymommy said...

Good luck - I'll be routing for you.