Friday, April 10, 2009

Can We Go Now? Not Yet. How About Now?

I have learned recently that you never, under any circumstances, tell a three year old about any plans you may have. Because unless the plans are for right now, you will never, ever, ever, hear the end of it.

I made the mistake of telling Bunny that we were going out of town to stay at a hotel. I told her a full month and a half before we were actually going. Now its all she talks about.

"Can we go swimming at the hotel, momma?" Yes, you can swim at the hotel.

"When are we going to the hotel, momma?" At the end of April. "Is that now, momma?" No sweetie, not for a while. "How long is a while." 16 more days. "Is 16 a long time?" Yes it is.

We've tried marking the days off on the calendar to no avail. She is fixated on the hotel and wants to go right now. "Can we go now, momma." No sweetie, not now. "How about now, momma." No. "Now?" No! "Right now, mommma?" NO! "Now?" Momma then goes in the bathroom, shuts the door and curses herself for ever bringing this up. All the while hearing "Now?" "I wanna go to the hotel momma. Right now." "Why is the door closed, momma? Are you packing for the hotel, momma?

And I only have 16 days left of this nonesense.

And by the way we are going to another hotel next month, but its going to be a surprise. I don't think she'll even know until we are in the car on our way there. That is a much better idea.


iMommy said...

A lesson like that is always learned the hard way :)

Christy said...

Oh my goodness that's funny! Thank you for warning me what NOT to do when Ms Foo is a bit older! :) Have a great weekend!

EatPlayLove said...

It's so hard to not share, but the wait is even harder. I learned my lesson with my 5yo anticipating packages from my parents in NY. Like I control the mail! LOL!

Actually they are coming in a couple of weeks and I haven't told her yet, for the exact reason you explained.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

One of the major reasons that my children have no idea that Easter is Sunday. No need to listen to "CANDY!" all day Saturday... (I know that Easter IS NOT about candy - but seriously, like they're going to be yelling "CHURCH!")

Anonymous said...

Wait until you get there and she starts the "when are we going home" questioning...