Thursday, January 27, 2011

Next To My Heart

The first time I saw those mother's necklaces with the child's names stamped on various sized discs, I couldn't wait to get one. I had one all picked out for mother's day. For some unknown reason I waited to order it. (It's a good thing too considering we kept Lion's birth name instead of our original choice).

On the plane to Ethiopia, I found out why I had hesitated. I met a woman who had adopted kids from Ethiopia and was returning to do some mission work. She had the most beautiful necklace, an African pendant with a heart where Ethiopia was. Even though I had yet to experience Ethiopia and the effect it would have on me, I knew I needed one. I wanted to show my son and others that a piece of my heart would always be in Ethiopia. Upon our return, I immediately bought one and have not taken it off since.

Bunny would often look at the necklace and ask if there was a China one. "You love China too momma, right?" she would ask. "Yes darling. I love China because you were born there. China is in my heart too." "Then why don't you have a China necklace, momma?" I had no good answer. I needed to get one.

My necklace arrived on Monday and now I can carry the birth countries of my children next to my heart always.

My children did not grow in my body, they grew in my heart. And now thanks to the lovely Tracy at JunkPosse I can show the world.


Issas Crazy World said...

Oh friend, those are beautiful.

Christy said...

So awesome! And such a lovely post about them!

Beth said...

Those are beautiful. Thank you for the heads up. Now I have something to put on my Christmas wish list for next year.