Thursday, April 29, 2010


She could barely contain her excitement in the morning.
"Mommy can we go to school now?"
"No sweetie. Its only 7:30. Your school doesn't start until 9."

She took extra care in getting dressed.
"I want to wear a dress momma. M always wears dresses to school."

Finally it was time to leave. She was so excited, her wings flapping so hard that she could have flown to school.
"Momma, today is going to be the best day. I can't wait!"

She spotted M in the hallway. They ran to each other and hugged. M's blonde head with ribbons bent to Bunny's brunette head with a high ponytail. They whispered secrets. M approved of Bunny's purple dress, her favorite color is purple.

When it was time to go into class, the girls held hands. They waived off their mother's attempts to say good bye. There were more important things to do.

At pick up time, the teacher commented about the upcoming play date. She mentioned the girls held hands and played together the whole day. The girls were excited about their picnic at the park. They didn't even mind when they found out S was joining them. Bunny declared that S could be the look out for prickly weeds when they picked dandelions because S "is a boy and that's his job".

Bunny and M shared their lunches. They ran on the playground together. They picked dandelions and violets. They danced on picnic tables and "put on a show" for the mommies.

They were so sad when it was time for the play date to end. But they made plans to play at each other's houses. I think Bunny would have brought M home with her if she could.

As we pulled out of the parking lot Bunny sighed "I miss M. She is my best friend." My heart nearly burst with joy.


michelle said...

That's such a cute post. I could just picture Bunny doing everything you described....

Kari said...

I love watching our children discover the joy of friendship.

Issas Crazy World said...

Oh her first best friend. So awesome.