Sunday, February 14, 2010

Doing the Hustle

I stand on an ordinary street corner. One of the streets leads to my home. One leads to the airport and on to Ethiopia.

I notice you approaching me on the corner. I open one side of my coat, heavy with necklaces and earrings. I say to you, "Hey you wanna buy some jewelry? I've got pretty, shiny jewelry. Its on sale."

I sense you shaking your head no. So I open the other side of my coat. Its filled with bottles of lotions, potions and lipstick. "Do you want to buy some skin care? Make up? Come on you know you want to."

I walk the walk. I talk the talk. But inside I feel like I should hand you an arrow, a razor blade, a knife. I would open my coat and wait for you to cut my flesh with no's. I'm not a born salesperson. I don't want people to think poorly of me. Every no is a rejection. Its an indictment of me and who I am.

Instead, I fasten my belt on my coat. I run to my car with my head down. I speed away down the street leading to my house. I run into my house. I lock the door and turn off all the lights. If I lock myself in, you can't see me. You can't hurt me, you can't reject me. But then again, if I shut that door, I'll never know if I could have succeeded.

When I decided to stay home, I planned on making and selling jewelry. I had a vision in my head that I would contribute to my family's lively hood by doing two things I loved, making jewelry and being with my daughter. It hasn't worked out quite the way I've planned. So I embarked on a new venture, selling skin care, make up and wellness products with Arbonne. I love the products and I saw great things in the business. But then the doubts started sinking in. Can I do this? Am I good enough? I stalled. I failed before I even got off the ground just like I had done before.

But for once in my life, I'm taking the chance because its not about me. I am doing this for my family, for my Lion. I am going to contribute to my family. I am going to help bring Lion home. I am going to get off my ass and actually do something for a change. Maybe I'll succeed. Maybe I'll fail. But I am going to try.

So here I am on the street corner, announcing to you, to the internets, to the world, that I sell stuff. I sell really cool stuff. I sell pretty, shiny things. I sell lotions, potions and lipsticks that are truly wonderful. I am doing this for myself. I am doing this for Bunny. I am doing this for Lion. I am doing this for my family, to contribute to a savings account that will be wiped out by this adoption.

Don't worry, I won't hit you over the head with this. I'm going to add some nice buttons to my sidebar. If you are interested, you can contact me or e-mail me and we'll talk. If not that's okay. It won't hurt me.


rachel... said...

Good for you! I'm so not a salesperson, either. I had a friend who sold Arbonne for a while, though. From what I remember they were great products and good for you, too! Good luck with the business!

Christy said...

Good for you - I love your jewelry and am sure your skin care products are great too!

Issas Crazy World said...

Friend? No apologizing okay? You have beautiful jewelry. You are doing something for your family. Is awesome. :)

I love the jewelry. Serious. In fact, I want to get set of the earrings for my mom, I think she'd love those amethyst ones. Me personally, I can't wear jewelry and I'm allergic to everything. However, email me okay? Save me those earrings. Please. Can buy after the first of March. :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I like Arbonne and while I already have a rep in my area that I use (she's a freind so I can't ditch her), I will happily tell any of your potential customers that it's money well spent. It's by far the best make up that I've ever used (and all natural/not tested on animals - how can you not want to try that!?) And I love the spa stuff. Very luxurious.

I think you'll be great. You just need to thicken your skin a little. Sales is a hard business. But if you really believe in what you're selling then you should feel confident about promoting it. Great idea to put it on the blog - you never know...

But don't backburner the jewelry. You know I'll always be happy to help with that. Because I really believe in you and your talent!

MommyGeek said...

Girlfriend, if you're serious about it you better get that new Etsy banner up! ;-)

Heather said...

Hey best friend from nursing school and his wife just returned from Ethiopia with their new son... perhaps they can give you hints, or just commiserate?

again...good wishes and much love.

Kekibird said...

That is a very brave thing to do. Kudos! And congrats on getting started.

Stesha said...

I hope your new venture soars! Courage and determination are the best things to have on your side.

Hugs and Mocha,

Sara Weber said...

Thanks for your posts. I came across your blog from a friend who has adopted twins from Ethiopia, and I currently have my dossier somewhere in Addis waiting to match us to our next daughter. I loved your pregnancy post, but felt like you didn't cover the entire journey because you left out the financial side. I thought maybe you were independanly wealthy and money wasn't a roadblock for you, or maybe I am just shallow and see that as one of the huge stuggles of adoption. But "something" brought be back to start reading more of your blog. I can relate. Our adoption has caused us to depleate our life savings, to repair my husband's old car (again) when I'd really love for him to have something newer and reliable, to send out letters to all our family and friends asking for donations, holding garage sales, selling necklaces, holding fundraisers where only 3 friends show up (and trying not to take it personally).
So thanks for baring your heart as an adoptive mom. I'll be back to read more. (Can I add your blog to my bloglist?)