Monday, August 3, 2009

Update Time

Its time for my triathalon training update. After not working out at all the week before, last week was a pretty good week.

I had been feeling like I wasn't making progress in my swimming at all. I was completely gassed by the end of a 50 and couldn't add any more distance. I would end up swimming about a 1/4 mile in bursts of 50 meters. That is not going to get it done. So I scheduled another session with my swim trainer and he worked on a few things with my stroke, mainly helping me to slow down and swim more easily. The next time I was in the pool, I just added an extra 25 and before long I was swimming 100 at a pop. Pretty good for me. I may be able to do this after all.

Biking and running have been going well, they are more natural to me. I even ran while on vacation in New York. My friend MamaCarter dragged me out to Riverside Park in the insane New York heat. I needed to run. I did not want to run but she was a good friend and made me do it. They weren't the greatest runs I've had but I'm glad I did it. Plus it was nice to run with someone, it gets kind of lonely doing the training by myself.

This week I have a 5K scheduled. I'm hoping to do it under 30 minutes but we will see.


Anonymous said...

I always do a better job working out when I have company. :) If I am alone, I'm liable to run by the ice cream shop an stop for a snack.

Christy said...

I'm so proud of you - running on vacation! Wowzers! Can't wait to hear how the 5k goes. I'm rooting for you!

And great job getting the swim coach back for another session. You can do this! Woot!

ConverseMomma said...

Good Luck with your run. One thing I found is that I always ran faster in a race then I did when I was practice running. You naturally set a higher pace when you have others around you doing the same.