Monday, May 4, 2009

Ni Hao

Saturday was a big day for Bunny. Her Chinese school had their end of the year presentation. Every class performed a little skit showing what they had learned that year. Bunny is in the Baby Cricket class made up of two and three year olds. They were going to sing a song while dressed up as animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Bunny was the Rooster. Which meant that I had to make a rooster costume. Um, sure, okay? How exactly does one make a rooster costume? I know there are feathers involved. Lots and lots of feathers. Four feather boas to be exact, sewn on to a t-shirt. So many feathers. I am still finding feathers in the strangest places. Now I am positive we will never get a bird because feathers are hard to clean up. But the result was cute.

The only problem was how to make it a rooster? She needed to have something on her head resembling a rooster's comb. But she hates wearing things on her head. So I wasn't too sure and decided to skip it. I mean she was already wearing feathers, did I really want to push it? No.

So the big day came and she was a bit crabby. She had had a sleepover with her cousins the night before and was tired (and cranky). I wasn't sure if we'd even get her in her costume. But then a miracle happened. One of her classmates brought marshmallows for everyone. Bunny recieved a bag with 5 big marshmallows and she was so happy. A perfect opportunity for bribery, if you wear your costume you can eat your marshmallows. Done and done. Hooray!

And then the moment of truth, could she actually hold herself together to walk out on stage with Daddy in front of all of these strangers and sing her song? The answer was a resounding yes! I was so proud. If you care to watch, here is a video of the show. There is a parade of all the animals and then the song. Bunny is the only kid you can hear singing.

I appologize for the shoddy camera work. I was using my Flip and couldn't get a close up view.


MamaCarter said...

Ni Hao, little Rooster! SOOOO cute! xoxo me

Kate Coveny Hood said...


Anonymous said...

She is so cute! (And I love the costume you came up with!)

Kirsten said...

Holy cow!! Your rooster costume is fantastic. Love it.

Kari said...

That was GREAT! So glad you posted the video - she was adorable in her costume, and her singing was precious.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

Oh my gosh, she is adorable. That costume is so cute, too!

Also, I totally knew what Ni Hao meant. Thanks, Kai-Lan. :) (Disney? Noggin? I can't remember, we don't watch often.)

anymommy said...

Fabulous - what a star!