Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh The Lengths I'll Go

to do something educational for my child.

Lately Bunny has become obsessed with trees. She wants to know the different kinds of trees, why evergreens are always green, why the other trees lose their leaves. She wants to know how they grow, what they eat etc. Every car ride is filled with questions about the trees that we pass.

I've tried explaining it to her to the best of my ability but she doesn't quite get the fact that trees have roots and that they get nutirients from the soil and the sun. Actually I don't quite get it myself.

But then I had a flash of brilliance, we would grow our own tree so she could see how it works.

So in order to take one for the team, I was forced to do the following:

All so I could do this:

In hopes that a tree will grow. I hope she appreciates the sacrifice.


Anonymous said...

I thank you for your service to this country. Its a tough job to be a mother, we are very fortunate to have someone as brave and giving as yourself on our side.

I personally would have made the same sacrifice. I am a giver as well :)

Kari said...

You've inspired me to make the same sacrifice this will be tough, so wish me luck.

I may even have to make some margaritas too, you know - to teach them how to make salt stick to a glass. It's all about the learning.

MamaCarter said...

Ah, the sacrifices we make as mothers. Hope you had a margarita to go with the guacamole!

kees kees happy valentines day! muah!