Monday, February 9, 2009

The Hamstacks

Bunny is very creative. She loves to paint and draw. She also loves to make up fantastical stories involving dinosaurs, rhinos, rabbits and trees (or whatever strikes her fancy at the time). These stories can go on for hours but are only told to her stuffed animals not to me.

She has combined her love of art and her love of stories into an interesting little world, the world of the Hamstacks.

What is a Hamstack, you ask? Well I am not exactly sure what a Hamstack is or where she came up with them, but the picture above is a typical representation of a Hamstack family. Each line in the picture is a Hamstack. She paints these Hamstacks over and over. In fact every piece of art involves Hamstacks.

As she paints, she narrates what each Hamstack is doing. Their activities often tie into her daily life. Yesterday we went to the zoo so the Hamstacks did too. Today she woke up with a cold so the baby Hamstack had one too. The brother Hamstack was quite worried about the baby but he knew the mommy Hamstack would take care of him.

We have several Hamstack portraits hanging in our family gallery. Bunny will often take visitors to a certain painting and tell them what is going on in each piece. This Hamstack is doing this, that one is doing something else and so on. The visitors are amazed and rightly so, the Hamstacks are an interesting bunch.

In fact sometimes I am jealous of the Hamstacks because they appear to lead much more interesting lives than I do. They are from France, they have traveled the world, they are scientists and artists, they throw killer parties, they live the life of leisure. And me, not so much.


The Panic Room said...

Hamstacks? In the wrong hands that name could be used for all kinds of horrible innuendos. Ha!

Always love to see kids imaginations and expression. Sometimes I think kids should just write the kids books.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Actually - I think I'm jealous of Bunny! What I wouldn't give to live in that little world of hers for a day....

Blarney said...

I LOVE the Hamstacks! Next time they are in from France my family would like to hide away in their luggage back to France.

nicole said...

that is so awesome!