Friday, December 3, 2010

Ready or Not

I live in Wisconsin. I've lived here for my entire life (save a few months here and there spent in Illinois and Europe). I have braved 40 winters and am ready to tackle my 41st.

I complain endlessly about winter: It's too cold. There's too much snow. There's not enough snow. Boo hoo boo hoo etc.

But in reality it's a fact of life you need to deal with. It happens every year whether you are ready or not.

This year I'm not quite ready. It's a miracle that we made it through November without any snow and it was a blessing for me because I wasn't ready AT ALL.

Did my kids have mittens and hats? Um I think so. I'm pretty sure I saw some around here. But maybe that was last year, I don't know.

Did my kids have snow pants. Lion did, I'm sure of that because a friend gave us a pair. Bunny had some hanging in her closet. Except they were 3T and she's almost 5.

Did my kids have boots. In a word, no.

Its supposed to snow today. According to the forecasters we can get anywhere from 2 to 8 inches. Do you know when I bought all of the above mentioned winter stuff for my kids? YESTERDAY.

But I was ready for the snow a head of time. Not like last year when I bought Bunny's boots during the first snowfall and I had to make her wear her rain boots to the store.

No this year I was prepared before the snow fell and it felt good. Until this morning when I went to the car to take Bunny to school and noticed frost on my windows. Holy carp! Frost in winter! Who knew?1? I didn't have a scrapie thingie in my car. And I didn't have time to let the defrost kick in. I had to get her to school, so I had to think fast. And I'm pretty sure I came up with the perfect solution in a pinch: a plastic toy sand shovel!

Like I said I'm totally ready for winter.


Issa said...

I am rather impressed.

I'm pretty sure mine have boots. I know they have coats and hats and gloves, because my mom bought it all.

For the first in four years? I bought myself boots. That's like snow acceptance or something. Sorta.

Heather said...

The discount cards and hotel key cards work well too. Also using your windshield washer fluid in a pinch (you use a lot)