Friday, October 29, 2010

I Am That Mom, I Guess

I am a mom.

I live in the suburbs. (But I live like two blocks from the city so I am still a city mom. Right?)

I have a kid in school.

But I am not a suburban PTA mom. I am way too cool for that.

Except that I am not.

When Bunny started Junior Kindergarten this year, I was super excited. There were sign up sheets for activities on the table at orientation and I totally signed up for most of them.

Library walk, check. Halloween party, check. Holiday party, check. Field trip, check.

Room mom, check.

That's right I'm a room mom and I love it.

Wednesday was the Halloween party and I was in charge of it. I planned the crafts (making witches and decorating cookies) and the games (spoon races with candy corn and toss the ghost in the witches cauldron). The kids loved it. I loved it.

I loved everything about it. I loved hearing the kids say "Bunny's mom could you help me." I loved the smiles on their faces as they ate the cookies they decorated. I loved hearing the laughter coming from the games.

I am a suburban PTA mom and I am proud of it.


Heather said...

Welcome to the club...its pretty nice....most of the time.

Amy said...

Maddy told me that you helped her make her witch. She was very proud of it and said it was nice to know a mom in the room. You rocketh PTA mom!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

sounds like you are good at it too!