Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And Now The Wait Really Begins

Waiting, waiting and more waiting. That seems like all I've been doing and all I've been talking about. Waiting.

We are now officially waiting. We are waiting for a court date. Waiting for a court date that will finalize our adoption in Ethiopia. Waiting to pass court so we can get a visa date with the US Embassy. Waiting to get a visa date so we can schedule our travel. Waiting to schedule our travel so we can bring Lion home.

We are so tantalizingly close that I can taste it. I can visualize it actually happening. I can imagine what it will feel like to hold him in my arms, to touch his face, to tell him I am his mother.

This waiting is different. It has purpose. This waiting will actually result in me bringing my son home.


Michelle said...

I know the waiting is hard but won't it be worth it when you finally get Lion home?? Hang in there kiddo....We're all there for you.

Jennifer said...

Very exciting...we're on the same timeline with dossier arrival in ET...hopefully we'll get our court dates soon! Fingers crossed.

Kirsten said...

Can't wait to meet him!!

Heather said...

so excited for you guys!

I can't wait to meet Lion!

Becky said...

it's so exciting! i can't wait to see him and hear all about him.

Issas Crazy World said...

Waiting with you sweetheart.