Friday, December 26, 2008

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Or should I say Dinohouse.

Bunny received a lovely doll house for Christmas. It has 4 rooms, furniture and a little doll family. While she has in the past stated that "dolls are no fun" she has appeared to change her tune when it comes to doll houses. Everytime we see a doll house at a store or someone's house, she stops to play with it. She plays with the occupants of the house and seems to enjoy it.

So when Santa offered a doll house for Christmas, I agreed. Maybe my little girl would play with dolls after all.

I should have known better. After all, the residents of the zoo, barn, fairy house, plane and bus have all been displaced. These animals and people no longer reside in their original homes but in a big plastic bin. The dinos have taken over everything and with 31 dinos they need a lot of space.

And they took over the doll house as well. It was mass chaos in the doll house yesterday morning. The furniture was turned over and at times ejected from the house as the dinos took over. The poor family took to cowering under the staircase so they wouldn't be trampled. The dinos hung out the windows, lounged in the beds and ripped the roof right off the house. And Bunny could not have been more pleased.

When asked where the people were going to live. She looked around the room and said "the shopping cart". But when she got to the cart she realized that was where the lizard family lived. Hmm, maybe in the pink bin? No that was where the instruments are. The doll stroller? That would make sense. No. The stroller was currently occupied with a ball of yarn stolen from Mommy.

With no logical place to put the doll family, they were uncerimoniously dumped out of the house. They are no laying in a corner looking stunned and forelorn. Sorry dolls, I'm sure you are a nice family. Its just that dinos rule the roost here.


heartatpreschool said...

That is just priceless. You've got to love a girl who loves dinos! She's not going to be a conformist. :-)

My oldest daughter never got into the Disney Princess thing. She prefers to catch live lizards in our backyard. And she's good at it!

anymommy said...

They look fierce. I would run if I were a doll family facing that crowd.

Aftercancer said...

If it makes you feel any better the littlest pet shop animals have invaded our dollhouse. The dollhouse folks have been consigned to an old shoebox.

Z said...

YAY for the bunny! I can totally see her becoming a famous archaeologist one day!

Heidi said...

That is too funny! Maybe she'll be a paleontologist someday...