Monday, December 8, 2008

Family Fun with Cleaning

I've said it before that I really don't like cleaning. I can find a million and one other things to do instead of cleaning. I do it but I'm not happy about it at all.

But there are times that cleaning is a necessity. Over the weekend I rearranged the furniture in the living room to make room for the Christmas tree. As we are still without a functional basement (its only been 8 months) we had a lot of stuff to move. Well moving created dust and exposed areas that had previously been covered. So it was time to bust out the supplies.

I grabbed the swiffer first to sweep up some of the dust. Bunny freaked out. "I wanna do it momma. I can do it all by myself, momma."

Hmmm. Perhaps she can. It would shorten the cleaning time and it would also occupy her for a while. So we tried it. And you know what? She is pretty good at it. She got most of the spots I was going for freeing me up to vacuum.

I wonder if I put the wet swiffer on if she could wash the floors for me? The answer is yes she can. Pretty sweet.

So I got a fairly clean living room out of the deal and Bunny had loads of fun. We may be on to something here. Do you thing she is too young to . . . ?


michelle said...

You're never to young to start learning chores....I think the younger you start with them the more responsible the child will be as they get older and they'll understand the concept of working for what you want in life.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I WISH my kids could help clean. They like the idea - but don't actually make any difference. Pushing a dead dust buster around (especially when it's upside down) just isn't helping me at all!

Anonymous said...

No, she's definitely not too young. The Midge claimed the Swiffer at about the same age and still hasn't given it back. Now I'm trying to convince her that the vacuum is just as fun.

Z said...

Dude. I so need one. Or can I just rent her from you? ;)

(I, too, hate cleaning - and so that is the husband's chore. I do the cooking. Fair trade, for the most part)

anymommy said...

I think you're onto something.