Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I struggle through. 10. 11. 12.  Then again. Sometimes it seems too much. It's too heavy. But I do it again because it's what I need to do. 

My feet hit the ground in rapid succession. Over and over. Just a few minutes more and then I can stop. It's too far, too many hills. But I don't stop, I continue on. It's what I need to do. 

I lean forward just a bit further. I feel the release. I push again, then hold. My body rejoices at the feeling.  My body is growing stronger day by day.  It needs the relief, it needs the rest. 

I hold it in my hands. I stare at the words, so foreign yet so familiar. I turn the page looking for clues, for answers to questions not yet asked. 

I sit in a circle, my ears drinking in the sounds. Stories so different yet the same. Hope is offered. Wisdom is given. 

I speak. My tongue forming my truth. I pause, afraid. But no rejection comes. I am embraced with nods and smiles. They hear me. They see me. 

I sit alone breathing. Quiet fills me. I stay. I focus. My mind rejoices at the stillness. My spirit is filled.  My mind and spirit are growing stronger day by day. I need the relief, the rest, the connection.  

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Sandy (saturday mrng) said...

Let me just say...I think you are an amazing human being. =)