Thursday, September 30, 2010


It's his comfort, his security. He climbs up on my lap, puts a finger in his mouth and reaches out his other hand to stroke my face and neck. The touch of my skin to his calms him. He nuzzles his face into my neck or places his forehead against my cheek.

He can only fall asleep when he is touching my skin. As he dozes off, his fingers dance over my face touching my eyes, nose or cheek. I can tell he is asleep when his hand lazily brushes past my neck before resting on his chest.

He pokes my belly and then his. Laughing at the similarities, the roundness, the softness. His eyes light up when he realizes our belly buttons are the same. Poke momma. Poke Lion.

My skin also bears the signs of his love. Bruises from excited or frustrated bites. The caresses of my face can turn into slaps or pinches. "No, no. Be gentle", I tell him. "Show momma love." The hits turn back to touches. The finger returns to the mouth. Calmness returns.

My skin is his comfort, his security. His skin and my skin are one and the same. It's what he needs now to feel safe.

There will come a time when he places his hand on my arm and he notices the differences. Dark cocoa brown and light peach are not the same. My skin will bear the wrinkles of time, his the softness of youth. How will I explain?

I will take his hand and touch it to my face. I will remind him of this time. I will remind him of the comfort and security he found. I will remind him that the touch of my skin to his was how we bonded, how we came to love and trust each other.


Jennifer said...

I loved reading this.

Ella is the same...she touches my skin to cuddle her way to slumber. She sucks her thumb and uses her little fingers to fan my cheek or's just the sweetest bonding moment for us both.

dbaker11 said...

And you will show him that you both have the same belly button! :)

Michelle said...

It'll be nice to be able to remind him when he's a teenager that he used to cuddle with you all the time....

Anonymous said...

Skin color won't be an issue unless made an issue I don't think. Thats the only difference people can see. You both have love, you both have softness, you both have big hearts, you both love to play with trucks (LOL)....a lot more of what you do share in common that what you don't.

Issas Crazy World said...

I love this. Am crying. Was just beautiful.

Friend? When/if it comes up for him, you'll know what to say. You will. You're his mama, it's what we do.

Bailey plays with my hands. Laces our fingers together. Compares out finger lengths. It's her thing. I personally love it.

Logical Libby said...

Thank you for this. And remember, Mamas are mamas, no matter what.