Sunday, September 20, 2009


I've decided to participate in the Blogger Football League again this year. When I told my husband about it, he said I'll make your picks for you if you want. Um, no. This is all for me. I mean I know I sucked at it last year and didn't win anything and didn't beat him at all. But winning isn't everything right?

Wrong! According to Vince Lombardi, its the only thing. So here are my winning picks for this week (winners in bold and color)

Carolina @ Atlanta
Minnesota @ Detroit (FYI this pick is based solely on Adrian Peterson and is no way reflective of who ever they have starting at quarterback for the Vikings)
Cincinnati @ Green Bay (FYI #2 - I will always pick the Packers. I am a total homer that way)
Houston @ Tennessee (FYI #3 - this is no way an attempt to kiss up to the commissioner)
Oakland @ Kansas City (FYI #4 - I'm totally guessing here)
New England @ NY Jets
New Orleans @ Philadelphia (FYI #5 - I like Drew Brees and I think my next door neighbor is starting for the Eagles)
St. Louis @ Washington (FYI #6 - Frink said do not take St. Louis, they are the worst team in the league. So I'm not taking them.)
Arizona @ Jacksonville
Seattle @ San Francisco
Tampa Bay @ Buffalo
Pittsburgh @ Chicago (FYI #7 - I will probably never pick the Bears, unless they are playing the Vikings)
Baltimore @ San Diego
Cleveland @ Denver
NY Giants @ Dallas (FYI #8 - I am so looking forward to teams kicking into the scoreboard. I wonder how many times it will happen per game. 2? 3? And if you are losing, do you just kick into the scoreboard on purpose just to piss the Cowboys off? I would.)

Monday Night
Indianapolis @ Miami
combined score - 38


AmazingGreis said...

LOL, love your picks and all the FYI's because I totlly would have thought you were trying to kiss ass with the Houston pick and are you sure the QB has nothing to do with your Minnesota pick? Just checkin'...

AmazingGreis said...

Now, aren't you glad you picked Houston! LOL

Issas Crazy World said...

I picked mine, on which city i thought was prettier. Next week, I'm thinking of picking them by which letter of the alphabet comes first.

I'm thinking I have a great chance of winning this year. LOL.